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Meet Marcus Shirley and Michael Shirley, specialists in renovating, flipping, & selling. Call us today at 404.309.8709 for more information.


If your home qualifies we will buy it in any condition and any price range for cash, lease purchase, and even take over the payments on your home.

We handle all the paperwork and all closings take place at a law firm with all of the details taken care of by a real estate closing attorney.

You sell your home fast and your problem is solved. Call us today at 404.309.8709

We respect your privacy and your information will not be shared or sold.

The Transformers Team Principals have a combined 50 years of experience in real estate.

We find properties in poor condition and bring them up to a livable condition to then resell. In this process, our investors get an 8% annualized return on their investment*.


  • We locate properties in the local Metro Atlanta Area that are in poor condition.

  • You invest with us to purchase these properties which are then secured with a first mortgage on the property.

  • All transaction papers & filings are prepared by local attorneys.

  • Properties can be viewed to see that they meet investors’ expectations.

  • A complete scope of work for repairs is supplied to the investor for full transparency.

  • When the property is sold, you will get an annualized and prorated return of 8% which is calculated on the money invested for the time it is in use.

Each transaction stands on its own. This is a one by one type of investment. This is not a pool. Transactions usually have a time period of about 6 months.

Ready to get started?  Call Marcus today!

Marcus Shirley
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Real Estate Agents!  Would you like to keep both sides of the commission on your short sale and bank owned listings?  When you have a great deal, call us first.  Transformers buys homes to renovate & resell, and will pay CASH for  your hot new listing*.  I can close in as little as 7 DAYS & YOU keep 100% of the real estate commission – no catches!

*We buy homes to fix-up and resell – NO RENTALS. Homes must have equity. We provide no guarantees that we will purchase your listing.
**Listing must pass inspection in order for us to consider the purchase.


Are you in foreclosure?

If you are behind on your house payments and facing foreclosure, don’t waste valuable time and take positive steps now to avoid foreclosure.

You do have options:

  1. Sell your home: We can buy your home by bringing your payments current and possibly return some equity to you.
  2. Short sell your home: If your home is over leveraged, the lender may allow you to sell your home for less than owed on the mortgage at no cost to you. We have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure through the use of a short sale.
  3. Bankruptcy: We call this “the atom bomb solution”. This is a drastic step and in most cases and will only buy the homeowner some time and a foreclosure sale will be the end result and the homeowner will have a foreclosure and bankruptcy on their credit report.

If you have suffered a financial hardship and cannot make your mortgage payments, time is of the essence. Don’t delay and take the positive steps to SELL YOUR HOME NOW!!

CONTACT US TODAY for a FREE, no obligation, confidential consultation and save your credit from foreclosure.

Over financed?

In today’s housing market, most homeowners owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. In addition, when selling a home through a realtor, a sales commission and other fees will be due from the homeowner.

Add it all up and the homeowners will have to bring a check to the closing to buy their way out of the house.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We buy houses from people and make it possible for them to move on with their lives and in some cases we are able to return some equity to them at the closing.

If you have suffered a financial hardship and cannot make your mortgage payments, time is of the essence. Don’t delay and take the positive steps to SELL YOUR HOME NOW!!

CONTACT US TODAY for a FREE, no obligation, confidential consultation and save your credit from foreclosure.

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments?

Many factors contribute to not being able to stay current on your house payment and other bills: Job loss, illness, medical bills, divorce, a poor real estate market making it difficult to sell the home, etc, but realize that you are not alone. In today’s economy, it is a common problem.

We have helped families to sell their homes by negotiating with their lender to allow the home to be sold for less than owed on the mortgage. In some cases we may be able to catch up on the back payments and work with the lender to buy the property and allow you to move on to a fresh start.

CONTACT US TODAY and let us help you avoid a foreclosure.

Is your house vacant?

Let’s face it, a vacant house is a “don’t wanter” and a non performing asset. It is a financial drain on the property owner.  The property is subject  subject to vandalism, deferred maintenance, expenses related to the payment of insurance, property taxes, utilities, lawn maintenance and a liability problem. You can rent the property but as most of us know, property management has its own long list of potential problems for the property owner.

Transformers will make you a fair offer to buy your “don’t wanter” for cash and close quickly.

Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation on how we can take that vacant property off your hands.


Are you getting divorced?

Divorce is an unfortunate and devastating situation both emotionally and financially and in most cases results in the sale of the family home. Market conditions may not be conducive to a quick sale and if the home is over financed, a traditional sale may not be possible.

We have helped many families who are going through a divorce by buying their house quickly and for all cash so that they can get on with rebuilding their lives.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn how we can buy your property for cash and close quickly.

Is your house in need of repairs?

When putting a house on the market for sale, if major repairs are needed, chances are the house will not sell and the buyer’s lender will not loan on the property in need of such repairs.

We buy houses in any condition, pay cash and we can close quickly. We make the repairs ourselves and resell the property.

CONTACT US TODAY to discuss a quick sale of your property.

Do you have liens attached to your property?

If you need to sell your property and there are judgments, liens for income taxes/property taxes/HOA fees which will negatively affect your title, call us today. We have years of experience in clearing property title issues. Once the property has clear title, we will make you a fair offer to buy your property for cash and close quickly.


Are you relocating or being transferred?

Owning property has been a great investment over time but if you have gotten a job transfer or relocating for other reasons, the property can be a major sticking point. Let’s face it, real estate is not quick, nor easy to dispose of and poor market conditions may make it even more difficult and time consuming to do so.

Relocating can be stressful enough. We can help by making you a fair offer to buy your property for all cash and close quickly so that you can get on with your move.


Are you handling an estate probate?

When real property is a part of an estate, it can be complicated and expensive to dispose of. Real estate is not easy to sell if there are loans, liens or judgments on the property. In addition, the market conditions at the time may mean months before finding the right buyer.

Let us help to cut through the red tape and complications of disposing of real property by making a fair offer to buy the property for cash and close quickly if necessary.

CONTACT US TODAY for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

Are you making payments on two or more properties?

If you are in this position, you know how difficult and financially draining it can be. You do have options. You can rent the home but property management has its own long list of problems for the property owner and unless you are an experienced landlord, it’s not recommended to go this route. You can sell the home but market conditions may dictate that the home could take months to sell and real estate brokerage and other fees eat into your equity.

Transformers may be your solution. Let us make you a fair offer to buy your property for all cash and close quickly.

CONTACT US TODAY for a FREE  no obligation consultation.

Has your listing expired?

You have listed your property with a realtor, sat on the market for months and it did not sell. There could be many reasons for the property failing to sell: a poor marketing plan, too many houses on the market in your area competing with yours, major repairs needed to your property, the realtor fees getting in the way of properly pricing the property, etc.

If your listing has expired, re-listing the property may not be the answer. We buy houses that have been listed and did not sell. We are not acting as realtors, do not charge a fee to you and will make you a fair offer to buy your property and pay cash. Call us before re- listing your property.

Don’t relist – talk to us first. CONTACT US TODAY.

Bad tenants?  Had enough of property management?

We have been conditioned to believe that owning rental houses is a great investment for our retirement. In our experience as property managers, we have lost tons of money on various properties. Here are some of the ways that the investment in rental houses can turn ugly: vacancy, eviction, lawsuits, tenant bankruptcy, deferred maintenance, vandalism, natural disaster, willful destruction by tenants, to mention a few.

We buy houses that are vacant or currently rented and in need of repairs. We pay cash and can close quickly.

CONTACT US TODAY to sell your distressed rental property to us.


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